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Church of the Brethren
General Offices

1451 Dundee Avenue
Elgin, IL 60120
(847) 742-5100  |   (800) 323-8039 

Brethren Service Center
601 Main St.
PO Box 188
New Windsor, MD 21776-0188
(410) 635-8710   | (800) 366-5896  

Office of Peacebuilding and Policy
Church of the Brethren
337 North Carolina Ave SE
Washington, DC 20003
(717) 333-1649

Finance office: to make a donation by phone or change credit card information, call 800-323-8039 ext. 360. Checks may be made out to "Church of the Brethren" and mailed to the General Offices, address above.

Staff are listed below alphabetically by last name. If you are not sure which staff person to contact, use the link above for general questions.

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A-F / G-K / L-R / S-Z


A-F / G-K / L-R / S-Z


  • Lennard, Jeff, Director, Marketing and Sales, Brethren Press (x321, General Offices, Elgin)
  • Marsh, Pat, Manager of Accounting and Assistant Treasurer (x348, General Offices, Elgin)
  • McCrickard, Nancy, Mission Advancement Advocate (x372)
  • McFadden, Wendy, Publisher of Brethren Press and Communications (x307, General Offices, Elgin)
  • McNeil, Shannon, Mission Advancement Advocate (x363)
  • Miner, Nancy, Office Manager, Office of the General Secretary (x301, General Offices, Elgin)
  • Naugle, Becky Ullom, Director, Youth and Young Adult Ministry (x385, General Offices, Elgin)
  • Nkosi, LaDonna Sanders, Director, Intercultural Ministries (x387, General Offices, Elgin)
  • Ober-Lambert, Janet, Director, Brethren Academy for Ministerial Leadership
  • Otto, Russ, Media support specialist
  • Rabenstein, Traci, Director, Office of Mission Advancement (x370)
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    • Steele, David, General Secretary (x301, General Offices, Elgin)
    • Tyler, Emily, Director, Brethren Volunteer Service (x396, General Offices, Elgin)
    • Ullom Naugle, Becky, Director, Youth and Young Adult Ministry (x385, General Offices, Elgin)
    • Winter, Roy, Associate Executive Director, Global Mission and Service (x748, Brethren Service Center, New Windsor)
    • Wolf, Loretta, Director, Material Resources (x795, Brethren Service Center, New Windsor)
    • Woolf, Ed, Director of Finance and Treasurer (x346, General Offices, Elgin)
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