Brethren Historical Library and Archives

Mission Statement

The Brethren Historical Library and Archives is the official repository for Church of the Brethren publications and records. Its purpose is to keep alive the Brethren faith heritage, by:

  • collecting and preserving materials relating to the cultural, socio-economic, theological, genealogical, and institutional history of the Brethren;
  • giving historical perspective and understanding to the mission of the church through counsel and publication;
  • providing a centralized Brethren research center;
  • serving as a clearinghouse for information on Brethren historical materials in other repositories.

Contact Information

Contact the director at 800-323-8039, x368, direct line 847-429-4368 or

BHLA News and Notes

News & Notes is the newsletter for BHLA. In each issue, you can read about the rich history of the Brethren and discover new additions to the Brethren Historical Library and Archives,

  • BHLA News & Notes 2019

    Topics include a story of Bethany Hospital, the Dunker Meeting House, books for sale, recent additions to BHLA, and more.
  • BHLA News & Notes 2018

    Articles include: "Faith, Archives, and History"; "The Unintended Consequences of American Missions"; "BHLA Notes"; "Recent Additions"; and more.
  • News & Notes 2017

    In this issue, an interview with actor Don Murray about the influence of Brethren Service on the foundation of the Peace Corps, and an article about Donald Durnbaugh’s ecumenical vision.
  • News & Notes 2016

    Learn about James Quinter, "Brother" Balsbaugh, recent additions to BHLA, and more.

Free Pamphlets

Guide to Brethren in Europe 100

The Brethren Historical Library and Archives (BHLA) has a series of free pamphlets available on request. These include the following:

Used books for sale

BHLA maintains a collection of used Brethren books for sale. Search the list of available books and contact BHLA for more details, including pricing. 

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