Special offerings

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What are they?

The Church of the Brethren has four unique opportunities for congregations to support its mission and ministry:

Give an offering

Designed as a series, every offering has its own theme, scripture, and accompanying worship resources. Each one has an individual look, but they share one unified goal. As we are one in our giving, so our offerings are united to remind us that our gifts do not stand alone, but join with others to continue the work of Jesus: peacefully, simply, together.

Where does the money go?

When you give to any of these special offerings you support transformative ministries that provide resources and events for congregations, deacons, and people of all ages. You help sustain partnerships with brothers and sisters in Sudan, Haiti, Brazil, Nigeria, India, and the Dominican Republic. You help ensure that important leadership-training is maintained and expanded. You undergird service-oriented ministries like Brethren Volunteer Service and workcamps. You help ensure the faith formation of a new generation. And all of this is just the beginning!

Your generosity and dedication to the ministries of Church of the Brethren allows them to thrive.

Thank you!

Your gifts do great things!

Questions? Email MA@brethren.org or call (847) 429-4378.